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The Solfege House Agency has been successfully booking gigs nationally for 5 years under Emilia Schnall's management.
While undertaking management of countless tribute, cover acts and two original Australian bands, The Mamas and Emilia; they have since respectively toured nationally, played local and international festivals, sold out shows in Melbourne and interstate, released independent music and have won composition prizes under Emilia’s direction.
Solfege House Agency's acts have been booked to play at reputable venues such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Mural Hall - Myer Ballroom and Crown Casino; and our performers have been booked for Monash University, Quest Hotels, Charity Balls and Awards Nights.
You can be confident that you will be receiving the best treatment, professionalism and music catered for your special event, when booking an act with Solfege House Agency.


Here at Solfege House Agency, we have acts performing repertoire that will suit any event! If you would like to see the type of music we are ready to play you can download our repertoire list here - 



Solo, Duo, Trio

4 - 10 Piece Bands

Solfege House Agency has booked countless wedding, corporate, private/public launches and party functions. 


We can accomodate from the most intimate ceremonies with a jazz duo to the biggest parties with a 10 piece funk band, and anything in between.


We have a wealth of repertoire from Jazz to Pop, Soul to Blues, and we are able to put together any set-list to cater for your needs. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability and punctuality to give you the best experience for your event. 


Tribute Bands, DJ's and Speciality Acts

Through Solfege House's extensive list of local musicians on call, we can put together a musical act specially catered for your event.


We have a wealth of acts including DJ's/ DJ + Sax or Vocals, classical ensembles, tribute bands from Oldies Classics, Postmodern Jukebox styled acts to Women of Soul.


We are also able to mix and match different acts for your event. If you want that special sound for your occasion, we have you covered!  


If you're looking to add some flare and originality to your event, we have some incredible original bands that can perform for you. 


Here at Solfege House Agency we are proud to book for Melbourne original soulful bands EMILIA, and The Mamas. If you would like to get in touch with our agency to book either band for your event, please contact us!


We also have industry connections that enables us to put together a special lineup of original artists for your venue, music festival or general event.  

Acts + Repertoire



Music Links


Check out some snippets of what is offered, with recordings from our jazz duo and videos from live soul band performances.

Soul Covers
Watch Now


We follow the standard corporate musicians rates, being minimum $100 per musician, per hour while they are in attendance. 


Additional to that, if the musicians have to bring their own equipment, be there for an exceeding amount of time before or after playing, if the travel is far or if a large amount of additional material is to be learnt for the event, the rates may be higher.

Here at Solfege House we will try to accomodate to your needs, so if these rates are outside of your budget, please let us know as we are open to negotiation. If you have an event you would like to book an act for through us, please provide your budget and we will do our best to help out and make something work for you.

Rates + Terms
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Please let us know as much information about your event request as possible, that will help us give you a quote, and help start shaping your perfect event! 

Details you might include about the event are:

  • Date/s

  • Venue/location and if it has a stage or not

  • Performance length and/or how many sets of music you would like

  • The kind of act you are after

  • Budget

...and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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