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Solfege House was started in 1996 by Alla Schnall. Since its humble beginnings, Solfege House has seen 100's of students come through its doors of all ages and abilities. In recent years, the house has become a family business with Jimmy and Em Schnall joining as teachers and partners of Solfege House. Extended into not only a school, but an agency, recording and rehearsal studios, overlooked by Em and Jimmy. 

Alla has always had a love of music, studying piano, conducting and teaching in both Moscow and Melbourne. When she moved to Melbourne, it was only natural to start up a music school which quickly gained a reputation as one of the best in the area. Teaching students of all ages from preliminary grades to AMus. Alla is a skilled pianist, and has a broad range of knowledge in music theory, choir conducting and classical voice.


Em and Jimmy respectively have degrees and certifications in music. When joining the school as music teachers, Em joined with a passion for contemporary voice, composition, theory and music business and management. Jimmy has always had a love of not only the performance of music, but also with the production of music. 

Solfege House is located in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne, and the spaces are known for their warm, welcoming and open environments. Every room has its own personal flare, feel and acoustics. It will guarantee that you can look forward to coming back to as a student or guest of Solfege House. 

Solfege House Students throughout the years

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